Troubleshooting Your Headset Microphone

If you rely on headsets for communication with family, colleagues and family members the most unpleasant thing to encounter is the headset’s microphone not function. If you’re using headsets to play games, work, or just for personal chats an unsound microphone could be a source of stress and confusion. There are many options you could try to fix the headset’s microphone. This article will look at the methods you can use to make your headset microphone work once more.

Checking Connections

The first thing you need to do when troubleshooting your headset microphone is to check all connections. Begin by ensuring that the headset is connected to the correct connector on the device you’re using (or any other device). If you’re using the USB headset, ensure your USB cable is connected securely to the device as well as the headset. When you’re wearing a headset that has an additional headphone and microphone jack, be sure the microphone is connected to the right port. If your device has several ports, ensure that the microphone is connected to the correct port.

Troubleshooting Drivers

If your headset’s connections appear to be in good order The following step would be to verify the headset’s drivers. Most headsets have a driver CD which you can install to install the appropriate drivers for your headset. If you do not have the CD, you’ll usually be able to download drivers from the manufacturer’s site. After installing the drivers ensure that your headset is set as the input device of choice.

Updating Firmware

If there is no driver issue, you should look at the firmware of the headset. Certain headsets require firmware updates for proper operation If the firmware is not up-to-date is causing problems, it could trigger many problems. For a check of an update, go to the website of the manufacturer and download the most recent versions of firmware.

Performing a System Reset

If your firmware is current The next step is to do the system reset. This resets the settings that are making the issue worse and let you start from scratch. For a system reset you must restart your computer and follow the instructions in the user’s guide.

Checking Volume Levels

In certain cases the issue may not be due to the hardware it could be with those settings for audio. Check that the volume levels of both the microphone and speakers are set to the appropriate levels. These settings are available within the Audio Settings menu of your computer (or another device).

Checking Audio Settings

As well as the volume settings You should also examine the audio settings of your headset. Check that the microphone is turned on that the microphone boost has been disabled, and that you have set the volume to the proper volume. You will find these settings within the Audio Settings menu of your PC.


Most of the time the headset microphone that is defective is fixable by following the troubleshooting procedures described in the previous paragraphs. Reviewing the connections drivers firmware, the audio settings will help you to pinpoint the problem and fix it. If you’re still having issues after following these steps it’s possible to reach out to the manufacturer for more assistance.