How to Fix it When the iPhone Flashlight Isn’t Working

Low battery, power mode that is not working and more can trigger the problem.

If the flashlight icon on your iPhone is grayed out and unaccessible or it simply won’t work There are several options you can use to fix it regardless of the iPhone version you’re running.

Reasons Why The Flashlight Isn’t Working

There are a variety of reasons the iPhone flashlight feature may not be functioning. Most often, a software issue or glitch can cause the feature to fail, but it could be because you’re not in the correct power mode or you just require a battery. In other cases, the root issue is revealed only after the correct fix. These solutions are compatible with any iPhone.

How to Fix the Flashlight

Follow these steps in the sequence that are listed below to troubleshoot the issue with an iPhone flashlight that’s not working.

  1. Make sure that your smartphone is fully charged. If there’s not enough power left in the battery your flashlight won’t work.
  2. Turn off Low Power Mode. This is an excellent iPhone feature but it will shut off your flashlight. You can instruct Siri to switch it off and go into Settings and then Battery to turn it off (it’s accessible available in the Control Center).
  3. Close the Camera app. Turning on the Camera application open can cause an issue between the camera’s flash and flashlight because they both utilize the same bulb, and consequently, can’t be used simultaneously at in the same time.
  4. Restart the iPhone. A lot of software issues and bugs can be resolved by starting the phone. This resets the temporary settings that cause features and apps to stop working.
  5. Perform difficult reset. A simple restart may not be enough to resolve an issue. In certain situations it’s necessary to carry out what’s known as a hard reset or a more effective reset.
  6. Set your iPhone setting. The process isn’t as dramatic as it seems and does not erase personal data or applications. Instead, it resets your iPhone to default settings. This could result in your flashlight icons (and that flashlight) working once again.

    Note: The removal of iPhone settings could erase your wallpaper.

  7. restore the iPhone to a backup from a previous time. The process of restoring an iPhone from the backup is an simple method to fix damaged or lost data, which could be the reason why the flashlight feature isn’t functioning.
  8. Then, restore the iPhone to its factory settings. This is a much more severe process that takes a long time to solve a malfunctioning flashlight. If not, you’re likely to be experiencing a hardware issue.

    Note: A factory reset wipes out the information stored on your iPhone therefore it is essential to backup your data prior to making an unintended factory reset.

  9. Contact Apple support. It is possible that the flashlight won’t come on even when the button is illuminated like normal. If so, it’s an issue with the hardware, and you must get in touch with Apple or take your phone to an authorized repair center. If you’re iPhone is covered by warranty it are likely to be able to get it fixed for free.

    It is not recommended to repair the flashlight by yourself in the event that you suspect an issue with the hardware since it could cause the phone to lose any warranty on your phone. This could also exacerbate the issue.